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DOG GROOMING - Etowah, North Carolina

Big or tiny we make them shiny!

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When you want your pet to look their best, visit us for dog grooming, nail trimming, and more at All About Grooming in Hendersonville and Etowah, North Carolina.

We have over 26 years experience grooming dogs in the Etowah neighborhood. Canine clients throughout Henderson County have been enjoying their Dog Grooming experience here for many years, receiving a full range of dog grooming services, including medicated, and fur-whitening washes, as well as ear cleaning, nail clipping, de-shedding, and skin and coat treatments.

We are a full service dog grooming facility. We offer high quality dog grooming care and attention, with natural, environmentally safe products. Our clean environment will give you peace of mind. You'll also find that we offer the most reasonable dog grooming pricing in the area.

Please call us to make an appointment or stop by to check us out. Dog Grooming sessions are by appointment only, Mon-Fri • 10am-4:30pm  and   Sat • 9am-6:00pm.

We give your pets the LOVE, CARE and RESPECT they deserve! Your pet will be well taken care of. We treat each animal with care and strive to provide a safe and clean environment for your pet.

All About Grooming is a full service dog grooming salon. Everything we do is geared toward providing your pet with a comfortable and relaxed dog grooming experience. We never use tranquilizers or drugs, only tender positive techniques. We groom all breeds and all sizes.

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      • Professional Dog Grooming

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      • All Breed Dog Grooming
      • Large dogs welcome
      • Nail Trimming
      • Custom Styling
      • Dog Grooming Services at reasonable rates
      • We help acclimate dogs to grooming sessions
      • Natural, bio-degradable, Flea, and Tick grooming supplies used

If you're interested in adopting and saving an orphaned animal in need,
check out our local Brother Wolf Animal Hospital.


We give your pet the LOVE, CARE and RESPECT it deserves!

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We offer a clean, relaxed atmosphere, with many years of professional dog grooming experience. You can trust we will provide a pleasant, professional, and caring environment for your pet. We specialize in "Gentle Touch" dog grooming. Remember, keeping your pet happy during their stay with me, is always our top priority!

Dog Grooming Services we offer:

From bathing and fancy hair cuts, to flea and tick treatments, to skin care, moisturizing, and de-shedding treatments, your pampered pet will go home looking and feeling great!   We welcome all breeds and all sizes.
Our prices are the lowest around, yet with amazing/professional quality. A complete dog grooming, includes hair cut, bath, nails, ear hair removal, glands expressed during bath, and flea shampoo if needed...prices vary and is based on size and condition of coat.

We do All breed dog grooming. We welcome older dogs

A Full Service Groom includes the bath, blow dry, nail trim, anal gland expression, ear cleaning and plucking if needed and then of course the haircut.

A Bath Only Service includes the bath, blow dry, nail trim, anal gland expression, and ear cleaning.

Other Services
Nail Dremel
Nail Cutting
Teeth Brushing
Anal Gland expression
Flea Baths

All dog grooming services are available by appointment. We do this to minimize the amount of wait time your pet has while here.
Our hours are -    Tue - Sat: 9:00am-5:00pm

We look forward to seeing you!!

Other Servicing Notes

   • Hair cuts can be done to customer specifications if possible.
   • No sedation is ever used
   • We work at a pace that is comfortable to your dog to minimize stress on your pet.
   • My pricing is very competitive, and is based on the coat type, condition, length, and size/breed of dog.
   • We can give a price range quote over the phone based on your description of your dog.
   •  Early drop off and late pick up available upon request.
   •  If you need special assistance(pick-up & delivery), call us.

All dog grooming services are available by appointment. We can occasionally accommodate short notice and walk-in grooming.

We would love to give you exact pricing information so you'll know exactly what to expect. However, pets are as individual as people. There's so many kinds of dogs, sizes, fur lengths, thicknesses, needs, that it's not possible to put them all here. My pricing is very competitive, and is based on the coat type, condition, length, and size/breed of dog.
Please stop in for a visit with your pet and I'll be happy to give you a free quote or call us and we'll give you a price range quote over the phone based on a description of your dog.

Other Services
   • Walk-In(if space is available) Nail Trims
   • Special Shampoos, Conditioners available for different skin treatments(natural hypo-allergenic products)
   • Medicated Flea Treatments
   • Extra Brushing Time, and Extensive Conditioning Treatments
   • We also offer leashes, toys, and treats

Contact Us

Call Us for professional dog grooming services

Groomer/Operator: Linda Cole
Address: 127 Etowah Center
  Etowah, NC.

Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri 10am-4:30pm
Sat     9am-6:00pm

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      Edward Carrasquillo
I was in a dire position one week recently. My step father who was very close to me, passed away. I needed to get to Florida in a days notice. I called everywhere but couldnt find any one to take care of my little puppy for a week or so. As I drove past All About Grooming in Ettowah on my way to the airport to take a chance that I could put him on the plane with me. I had no pet carrier, no papers on my dog. I decided to turn back around with the hopes that just maybe this grooming salon would know some one to take care of my 5 month old little puppy. I met the owner Linda and she understood my plight and decided to take care of Bodhi until I got back. She and her family took him in and was incredibly thoughtful, kind, and giving of their time and home. I called every day to check up on him and she assured me that he was in great hands. I was so relieved he was taken care of. I was already stressed overy my family's loss. Worrying about Bodhis care and security was another concern, But I knew he was now in great hands with All About Grooming. When I got back home and picked up Bodhi, He was happy, healthy and in great hands with Linda and her family. Bodhi and I missed each other very much and was reunited. Thank you so much Linda, You are a great person, groomer and generous woman. I can't thank you enough for your love and compassion..

      Dave Speicher
Linda and Tommy took great care of Chip this afternoon, bath, clip, & Summer haircut. Friendly, experienced, and very competent - it will be a pleasure to recommend All About Grooming to friends!.

      Rachel Smith Taylor
Fantastic grooming on our little dog! Very friendly! Wonderful place!.

      Tracy Camp
I love All About Grooming! Jennifer did a wonderful job with my dog! She looked so pretty and she even put a bow in her hair! My dog is a fearful dog due to previous abuse but she was so comfortable there! I was impressed and will be taking my Yuki there again..

      Robin Lauer
My Shih-tzus had a very positive experience with Linda and just as important, my groomer did as well. Gizmo doesn't like to be in a cage, he can be very stressed and he was calmer when I picked him up from All About Grooming. Zoe doesn't like her nails clipped and Linda had a cat's muzzle with a blinder, which helped decrease Zoe' s anxiety and protected both dog and groomer. I went into the shop to pick up Zoe and she was sitting in the middle of the cage calmly watching Linda trim another dog. I'm so pleased that everyone's experience was so positive and I shall return!!.

      Theresa Angela Mason
I loved this place Sarah was awesome with my dog Zoey I recommend this place to everyone that people there treat your dog with great respect.

      Melissa Carland Tenpenny
I drive from Fletcher to take our Buddy to Linda ~ she loves him and does such a terrific job with his grooming! He comes home pretty, smelling great & happy because he's been so well cared for! Thanks Linda!.

      Austin Capps
This is the best place to take your dogs it is a very clean inviorment and they are the nicesst people they do a great job on the dogs they come out shinny as can be I recommed everyone to go there.

      Haley Reagan Cole
Thank you both so much! Linda I will spread the word. You and Sarah are so sweet and wonderful! Tucker looks awesome :) I will spread the word !!!.

      Mollie Fennimore
Best grooming service we've had in a long time! Very gentle and kind..

      Vicki Narron Warren
I dropped by this salon today and talked with Linda the owner. It is very attractive, clean and spacious. It also smelled great!.

      Suzanna Dellinger
Love how great Linda did with Ruby! Best grooming Ruby's ever had :).

      Lila Navarro
What A Great Place To Groom My Boys Dali And Gizmo. I Drive From Dana To Etowah To Get Them Groomed. 100 Percent Worth The Drive. My Boys Love It.. Very Clean.. Thanks Linda For Making Them So Cute...